Bring in Business with a Clean Storefront in Peoria IL

You can have as vast and diverse a selection of products and services as possible. However, without a clean storefront to display your wares, you risk driving potential customers and clients away. Ensure this doesn’t occur with the assistance of professional cleaners like Corporate Clean. We have the experience you need to keep your retail stores and shopping centers clean and tidy. Keep traffic flowing into your store by presenting a clean and meticulous interior.

Clean and Dust Every Surface

You can only dress up your storefront so much without offering a quality clean. To ensure your business stays competitive in the retail market, a professional janitorial team can help you go the extra mile. Using industrial-grade cleaning solutions and advanced cleaning equipment, we can keep your business feeling fresh and clean. Moreover, a clean building will make your storefront more attractive to potential customers. The cleaning we offer for your storefront includes:

  • Cleaning for High-Traffic Areas – There are parts of your store that receive more traffic and attention than others. For example, the entry doors, shelves and tables likely have the most people interacting with them on any given day, making these areas some of the dirtiest.
  • Floor Care – With dozens of people walking in and out of your store every day, your floors are bound to get messy (especially in the winter). Our cleaning staff works diligently to provide your floors with the care they require. From waxing to scrubbing grout, we ensure your floors are spotless.
  • Glass Washing – Depending on your store’s location, glass windows and doors might be how to best display your products. However, if that glass is dirty or smudged up, that reflects poorly on your shop and the items within it. So customers can get a clear look at what you have to offer, we are always washing the inside and outside of glass around your storefront.
  • Everything Else – Trash removal, bathroom cleaning, sanitization services and much more! Corporate Clean doesn’t do anything “halfway.” We wash, dust, scrub, sweep, mop and disinfect every square inch of your store, keeping you, your customers and your employees happy.

The Businesses We Serve

As a professional cleaner for retail stores and shopping centers, there’s a good chance we’ve cleaned a business like yours! For example, we have experience with cleaning storefronts such as:

  • Supermarkets
  • Grocery Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Specialty Stores
  • Clothing Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Pharmacies

Discover the Area’s Best Janitorial Service

Corporate Clean has been in the business of professional cleaning for the last 30 years. Our experienced staff has served numerous industries throughout the Peoria area, such as industrial, retail, hospitality, corporate and more. If you’re looking to get the same great cleaning so many local businesses desire, call the experts at Corporate Clean today. Contact us at 309-228-9266.