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If you’d like to hand off the task of making certain your business premises are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, talk to Corporate Clean about our sanitization services in Dunlap IL.

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The Importance Of Thorough Sanitization

Maintaining clean surfaces has always been important, but in the last few years, everyone’s  understanding of it has grown in appreciation. To sanitize a surface means to kill any bacteria that may be present by using chemicals. It represents a step above simple cleaning with soap or detergent. Regular cleaning products can make a surface look clean and free from dust, dirt and so forth. Sanitization takes things a step further.

Is Sanitizing Important For All Environments?

While medical spaces require the utmost care in cleaning, sanitization and even disinfection, sanitization-level cleaning is appropriate for every indoor environment. To provide a safer environment, talk to us about sanitization.

Does Professional Sanitization Offer Protection Above Basic Cleaning?

Hiring Corporate Clean to provide professional cleaning and sanitization offers many benefits. Some things to consider include:

  • By hiring Corporate Clean, you’ll know all cleaning and sanitization is performed correctly by a well-trained crew. Our cleaners identify high-contact surfaces and areas and are able to determine the best processes and products for each.
  • Strict guidelines on handling cleaning equipment prevent cross-contamination from spreading germs from one area to another.
  • We use HEPA vacuums. Rated to capture close to 100 percent of airborne particles, these vacuums help improve your air quality.
  • We have EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectants available and our cleaners receive training to use them safely.

Can Proper Sanitizing Really Help Control Office Outbreaks?

Outbreaks of illness among staff can be enough to bring an office to a halt. Keeping all high-touch surfaces clean and sanitary can help. Complete disinfection services are available and can be added during influenza season or at any time.

Does Corporate Clean Have Experience Serving My Industry?

We have extensive experience working with many types of workplaces, including:

Cleaning equipment is seen. Corporate Clean offers Sanitization Services in Dunlap IL.

Can Office Employees Clean Their Own Areas?

In some offices, it’s expected that everyone can care for their own area, but your results may vary. Not everyone is inclined to keep their area in the condition you’d prefer. Therefore, if you want a consistent level of cleanliness throughout your office, call us.

Ready To Experience The Corporate Clean Difference?

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