Sanitization Services Peoria IL

Fight Viruses and Sickness with Sanitization Services in Peoria IL

Sometimes, flu season can take its toll on your office. Sickness can place people out of work, severely impact productivity and wreak havoc throughout your facility. However, there are options to help counter the latest virus or illness making the rounds in your office. With sanitization services in Peoria IL, you can give your building a proper cleaning, eliminating most viruses and contaminants that have made their way into your building. Allow Corporate Clean to provide your facility with the sanitization it needs.

How Our Sanitization Works

Our sanitization services go through several steps to ensure the most thorough clean of your facility as possible. Our team has the equipment and experienced necessary to help your workspace become a healthier and safer place for clients and employees alike.

  • Spray Disinfectant
    • Upon preparing a specialized sanitization mixture for maximum efficiency, we load it into sprayers. We then go through your office, spraying a mist of sanitizer that covers every surface. This disinfectant has a strong antibacterial and antiviral effect, eliminating the most harmful germs and contaminants from every surface.
  • Detailed Sanitization
    • After our mist spraying is complete, we go back through your business with a “fine-tooth comb,” ensuring our disinfectant misses no spots. From wiping down doorknobs to spraying in hard-to-reach places, we perform a thorough run-down of your office and the areas of most contact.
  • Deep Cleaning of Areas Most Prone to Germs
    • Finally, we provide deep cleaning for the areas of your office most likely to foster viruses or bacterial growth. Areas like your breakroom, kitchen and restrooms receive extra care from our staff. Toilets are cleaned, contaminants are removed, and every surface is washed and scrubbed. We work to make these areas of your office as sterile as possible.
Cleaners spraying rails during Sanitization Services in Peoria IL

Professional Cleaning at its Best

Sanitization services for Peoria IL aren’t necessary on a daily or weekly basis. However, keeping your business spotless with other standard cleaning services is just as crucial to the health and safety of your employees. Thus, Corporate Clean offers incredible janitorial services for various local industries. For example, we are trained and certified to clean for the following industries:

Contact Our Office

Ensure your office is as healthy and germ-free as possible with professional sanitization services in Peoria IL from Corporate Clean. Contact us today at 309-571-1581 to request a quote. Also, our office is located at 4417 Entec Dr, Bartonville, IL 61607.