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Healthcare Cleaning Service for Pekin IL Done Right

There’s an art to professional cleaning. One must know what to clean, what chemicals to use, have the right equipment and more to be successful. However, even your standard professional cleaners don’t always have the skill or experience to handle healthcare cleaning service for Pekin IL. It takes dedication and a focus on detail to ensure a medical facility’s cleanliness is up to acceptable standards. Thankfully for medical professionals in the Greater Peoria area, Corporate Clean has the training and experience necessary for healthcare cleaning.

How Cleaning for Healthcare is Different

Our janitorial staff must take a specialized approach to clean doctor’s offices, prompt care centers, dental offices and other medical facilities. Healthcare buildings are sterile places, so our cleaning must go above and beyond other industries’ standards.

  • Not Just Dirt and Dust
    • Part of healthcare cleaning is the standard dusting, mopping and sweeping done with any public or private space. However, medical facilities come with more messes to clean. Bodily fluids, saline and other substances can cause sickness and infection if not properly cleaned and disposed of. Thankfully, our team knows what to expect in a medical setting and has the right chemicals to remove these unique substances.
  • Cleanliness & Healthiness
    • Speaking of removing potentially harmful substances, healthcare cleaning service for Pekin IL must closely consider the health of those who occupy a facility. While standard office cleaning intends to prevent the spread of germs and sicknesses, medical cleaning must go a step further. Every clean is followed by strict sanitization and disinfectant procedures, meant to eliminate the nastiest germs and viruses.
  • Incredible Range of Space to Clean
    • Healthcare cleaning is more than cleaning office spaces, bathrooms and breakrooms. Each medical facility room is unique, and no two areas can be cleaned the same way. For example, cleaning a lobby is vastly different than cleaning an exam room. And room cleanings get more precise depending on the medical branch (eyecare facility vs. dental office vs. prompt care).

Industry Cleaning You Can Count On

Our training and certification for healthcare cleaning in Pekin IL enable us to clean for various other industries. We possess the staff, tools and cleaning chemicals necessary to give your business the perfect clean. For example, the industries we cover include:

A cleaning specialist finishing cleaning a restroom during Healthcare Cleaning Service in Pekin IL

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