What is the difference between commercial cleaning and home cleaning?

How Is Commercial Cleaning Different From Home Cleaning?

Most of us understand what’s involved in cleaning a residence. But commercial cleaning demands a different approach. What is the difference between cleaning commercial cleaning and home cleaning? Think of it this way: Just because you know how to prepare a family dinner at home does not mean you know everything you need to run a restaurant kitchen.

What Makes Commercial Cleaning Different?

Every commercial space requires a different approach. Cleaning a factory, a medical clinic, a corporate office or a retail space each demand different priorities, equipment, procedures, cleaning supplies and routines. We establish strict cleaning regimens for our staff, personalized for your space, to provide excellent results:

  • We understand that a sparkling clean presentation is not only more sanitary, but serves as a reflection of your company to your customers or clients.
  • Even in space no customer ever sees, a neat, clean sanitary work space improves morale among staff.
  • Our experienced crews will execute all cleaning tasks according to established protocols, using the appropriate products and equipment.
  • In order to avoid cross-contamination issues, we enforce strict guidelines on proper use of all cleaning equipment.
  • To improve air quality, we supply top-rated HEPA vacuums that can capture nearly 100 percent of airborne particles.
  • For areas that require sanitizing and disinfecting, we have EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectants available for appropriate use on high-touch or sensitive surfaces.

Custom Cleaning Is Key

Corporate Clean is an experienced commercial cleaning service that serves the greater Peoria area. We work with our clients to create custom contracts that spell out exactly what services you prefer, how often you require them, what your priorities are, when you want them to be performed and any special requirements you might have.

Every Industry Has Unique Needs

Regardless of the type of business, industry or commercial space for which you require janitorial services, we are likely already experienced with serving your needs. A few of the industries we provide services for include:

How Are Cleaning Routines Customized?

Every business requires an individualized plan. You likely have some areas for which you want more frequent and deeper cleaning and other areas (such as a storage area) that require somewhat less attention. For example, perhaps your commercial space contains certain high-touch areas that require disinfecting or sanitizing services or has public-facing windows that you wish to be kept sparkling clean.

We Take Pride In Our Professionalism

As a locally and family owned business with more than 30 years experience, we care about our word of mouth and professional reputation. Consider the advantages we offer:

What is the difference between commercial cleaning and home cleaning? Corporate Clean in Peoria IL knows. A worker is seen cleaning a floor.
  • Excellent cleaning
  • High-quality customer service
  • Custom cleaning contracts designed specifically to meet your needs
  • Professionally supervised cleaning crews
  • Convenient scheduling that works around your business needs
  • Competitive and appropriate pricing

Are You Ready For A Custom Clean?

By now you understand “What is the difference between commercial cleaning and home cleaning?” So if you are ready to experience the Corporate Clean difference for your commercial space, contact us today at 309-693-1556.