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Leave Your Workplace Spotless with Office Cleaning Services in East Peoria IL

In today’s working world, having a clean and germ-free work environment is crucial for business owners. After the last few years, we’ve all learned a thing or two about the importance of cleanliness! However, without the guidance or support of professionals, keeping your office clean can prove more challenging than it should be. To ensure your facility stays clean without stress to you or your employees, you can count on Corporate Clean’s office cleaning services for East Peoria IL!

What Can You Expect from Corporate Clean?

At Corporate Clean, we go to great lengths to find experienced, quality and dedicated cleaning professionals. To this end, our office cleaning services are always thorough, as we inspect every corner of your facility to eliminate dust, dirt, grime and germs wherever they’re found. When our cleaning staff arrives at your facility, you’ll find them performing tasks such as:

  • Surface Cleaning – Every flat surface in your office is prone to attracting dust, dirt and airborne debris. Not to mention the flat surfaces you continually interact with (desks, tables, countertops, etc.) can be dirtied by messy fingers, left-behind food, spilled soda, etc. Corporate Clean inspects all surfaces we find, ensuring every inch of workspace is spotless.
  • Floor Care – Whether your facility has hardwood, tile, vinyl, carpet, or any other type of flooring, Corporate Clean can provide effective floor care. We understand the chemicals and equipment necessary to keep your floor safe and clean. Additionally, we help preserve the condition of your flooring with floor sealing and polishing.
  • Sanitization & Disinfection – Although the pandemic has passed, office sanitization and disinfection are still crucial to preserving the health of your employees. As such, Corporate Clean offers complete sanitization and disinfection services that can help “sterilize” your entire facility. While these services aren’t necessary for every cleaning, they are part of our office cleaning routines.
  • Miscellaneous – Besides the full-scale cleaning we perform, various odds and ends require our attention when caring for your facility. For example, our cleaning staff engages in trash removal, window cleaning, furniture cleaning/detailing, cleaning/restocking restrooms, and more. Anything to keep your workplace safe and hygienic, our cleaning team will provide.

Why Choose Corporate Clean?

Few local cleaning companies have the same experience as Corporate Clean! We’ve provided our stellar office cleaning services for East Peoria IL and Central Illinois residents for the last 40 years. Furthermore, we engage in company practices that set us apart from our competition regarding reliability, quality and affordability.

  • Family Values – We are family-owned and operated and take great pride in the white glove standards we expect of our cleaning staff.
  • Job Supervision – Corporate Clean always has at least one supervising staff member present for every job. This is to oversee the work of our team and ensure every task is checked for completion and quality.
  • Customized Contracts – We work with our clients to build a convenient cleaning schedule and payment plan that best suits your time and budget. Typically, we request a commitment of six months or less for our contracts.
  • Customer Service – If you have a problem with our service or employees, we want to know ASAP! Corporate Clean prides itself on its exceptional customer service. If you are ever dissatisfied with cleaning quality, our staff, cleaning schedules, etc., we work diligently to resolve your concerns.
Professional cleaners offering Office Cleaning Services in East Peoria IL

Give Us a Call

When your company urgently needs office cleaning services in East Peoria IL, there are only a few local cleaning companies you can count on for their commitment to quality and service. Corporate Clean is one such company! To learn more about our services or request a quote, contact us today at 309-693-1556. We are located at 4417 Entec Dr, Bartonville, IL 61607.