Post-Construction Cleaning East Peoria IL

Treat Post-Construction Cleaning in East Peoria IL with Care

Opening day is fast approaching for your business’s new facility! However, with the internal and external work done to ensure your business is ready, have you considered the mess left behind by construction crews? Unfortunately, contractors can’t always guarantee a complete clean-up of your facility once work has finished. That’s why many business owners count on post-construction cleaning to place the final touches on their facilities. And when it comes to expert, thorough post-construction cleaning in East Peoria IL, Corporate Clean has your back.

What’s Covered in Post-Construction Cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning goes further than the standard commercial cleaning Corporate Clean offers. To ensure your facility is ready, come opening day, we provide a deeper, more effective clean than normal. Furthermore, we target cleaning for the areas most likely not to be actively cleaned when your facility is fully operational. To this end, our post-construction cleaning services cover:

  • All Surfaces – Our cleaners take extra care to clean every floor, counter, ceiling, and additional surface found in your facility. Flat surfaces are especially susceptible to becoming dirty as dirt, sawdust, and airborne debris settle after construction. That’s why Corporate Clean invests in heavy-duty vacuums, floor cleaners, and more to ensure we can remove every inch of grime.
  • Cabinets, Closets and Other Storage – Your facility’s closets, cabinets and cupboards can accrue quite a bit of dust and debris after construction. However, these are a few of the areas often neglected in traditional cleaning. Thus, we ensure these areas are thoroughly cleaned, so germs, grime and mess won’t fester if left unchecked for too long.
  • Walls, Doors and Windows – As construction crews work, they do their best not to scuff up walls or smudge windows. However, no crew is perfect. For every area of a facility where contractors would pass through or traffic, our cleaners follow behind to ensure all walls, windows and doors are spotless before opening.
  • Trim & Baseboard – Something as simple as the trim or baseboard around doors, floors and entryways might not get your attention once your business is running. However, in passing over these areas, they can become the dirtiest areas of your facility. That’s why Corporate Clean thoroughly cleans these areas, ensuring they won’t require serious cleaning once your business opens its doors.
  • Light Fixtures – Last but not least, the light fixtures throughout your facility will need some attention from our post-construction cleaners. Much like the other surfaces around your facility, airborne debris from construction can settle on light fixtures, which can be out of reach to standard cleaning crews. Thankfully, Corporate Clean makes cleaning your light fixtures a priority!

Who Can We Clean For?

The short answer: anyone! Corporate Clean has spent the past 40 years refining our services and earning experience in cleaning for all types of businesses and industries. As such, we’ve developed our commercial cleaning, janitorial services, floor care and building maintenance around the unique needs of specific industries like:

Broom sweeping during Post-Construction Cleaning in East Peoria IL

Give Our Cleaners a Call!

To ensure your new facility leaves a positive, lasting impression on its first visitors, hire Corporate Clean for expert, local post-construction cleaning in East Peoria IL. Learn more about Corporate Clean’s services or request a quote by calling 309-693-1556. We are located at 4417 Entec Dr, Bartonville, IL 61607.