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Spotless Floors & Surfaces Thanks to Corporate Cleaning Service in East Peoria IL

Keeping up with cleaning for your business can seem like an endless task. Emptying trash, cleaning floors, and sanitizing surfaces is only the beginning of the work that must be done! Not to mention, you’ll never get the quality of clean your facility requires without the proper cleaning supplies and equipment. That’s why local businesses count on corporate cleaning service in East Peoria IL. Trust the business cleaning professionals at Corporate Clean!

Specialized Cleaning for Your Office

While Corporate Clean has helped clean for dozens of different industries throughout Central Illinois, corporate and office cleaning is how we got our start! With high-quality equipment, expert supervisors, and a deep understanding of office cleaning, we guarantee to leave your facility spotless!

  • Professional-Grade Cleaning Equipment
    • The cleaning supplies you purchase at a store differ from what professional cleaners can access. The cleaning we perform is often more detailed and thorough than standard cleaning, so the tools, equipment and chemicals we use are professional-grade. Unfortunately, without these high-quality cleaning supplies, maintaining your office’s cleanliness becomes significantly more difficult.
  • Supervised Cleaning
    • To ensure the utmost quality cleaning service, at least one supervising staff member is present at every cleaning job. By having a supervisor present, we can directly oversee the work and cleaning being performed. Upon completion of a job, our supervisors will inspect your facility and check that each task has been completed and is up to our high-quality standard.
  • Experienced Professional Cleaners
    • With over 40 years of providing corporate cleaning service to East Peoria IL, and the surrounding communities, Corporate Clean is one of the most experienced local janitorial companies! We understand the unique needs of your office, ensuring every corner, floor and surface is cleaned and sanitized. Additionally, we work to clean and maintain your facility’s restrooms, kitchens, trash, upholstery, windows, and more.
A cleaner wiping down surfaces during Corporate Cleaning Service in East Peoria IL

How Else Can We Assist?

Although office cleaning is our specialty, it isn’t the only special cleaning service we provide. At Corporate Clean, we train our cleaners and supervisors in the intricacies of cleaning for various industries. Because each business’s and facility’s cleaning requirements differ, we craft cleaning contracts to fit your business’s schedule, cleaning needs and budgets. Our janitorial staff is well-versed in providing exceptional cleaning and sanitization for industries such as:

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Achieve the perfect cleaning for your facility with expert corporate cleaning services in East Peoria IL. Set up a cleaning schedule for your business with the best local cleaners: Corporate Clean! To learn more about our services or request a quote, call 309-693-1556. We are located at 4417 Entec Dr, Bartonville, IL 61607.